Daily currency market report – FXstreet.com

Daily currency market report
On top of this increased tensions in Europe, (see below), had risk appetite waning and resulted in the market unwilling chase the higher yield on offer here. This morning sees the release of the RBA Monetary Policy Statement that will keep us on our

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BBC News

Top British Regulator Joins Currency Market Probe
Fox Business
As the investigation into alleged foreign currency market manipulation spreads, investigators have said the currencies probe could prove bigger than the rigging scandal that surrounded the London interbank offered rate, or Libor, a key interest rate …
Foreign exchange trading faces SFO criminal investigationThe Guardian
UK's Serious Fraud Office begins criminal probe into currency marketMarketWatch
SFO investigates price rigging in foreign exchange marketBBC News
RT -Bloomberg -Telegraph.co.uk
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Why you should invest in the stock market – ABS CBN News

Why you should invest in the stock market
(Editor's note: This article was written by MoneyMax, the Philippines' foremost online platform for comparing financial and telecom products and services, for ABS-CBNnews.com. Find out more at MoneyMax.ph.) MANILA, Philippines – Investing in stocks is

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Wall Street Journal (blog)

Why the Stock Market Is Struggling to Regain Momentum
Wall Street Journal (blog)
An early pop Thursday morning faded quickly, as investors continue to weigh an improving economy against the potential implications of future Federal Reserve policy. Geopolitical turmoil in Russia and Ukraine is also hindering the market; ECB President …
Predicting stock market recoveryMarinscope Community Newspapers

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Top British Regulator Joins Currency Market Probe – Fox Business


Top British Regulator Joins Currency Market Probe
Fox Business
For more than a year, investigators have been looking into whether the $ 5.3 trillion-a-day currency market was manipulated by traders at many of the world's largest banks who are suspected of having traded in front of their clients' orders. In addition
Foreign exchange trading faces SFO criminal investigationThe Guardian
UK's Serious Fraud Office begins criminal probe into currency marketMarketWatch
Chatty traders face criminal probe for rigging forex marketRT
BBC News -shropshirestar.com -Reuters
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Daily currency market report
The Australian Dollar has fallen back from its highs of yesterday as the market once again sees no reason for the currency to break out from the USD 3 cent range. The move came as US weekly Jobless Claims fell to multi year lows and beat expectations

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World Cup defeat can hurt domestic stock market – York Daily Record

World Cup defeat can hurt domestic stock market
York Daily Record
LONDON (AP) — Argentina and Germany face off in the World Cup final on Sunday and investors in both countries will do well to be alert to potential drops on their stock markets the day after in case of defeat. With markets driven by sentiment as well

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If ever the stock market flashed a 'sell' signal, it's now
MIAMI (MarketWatch) — I know what you're thinking. You're thinking: Is this market going to go up another 10%? I have no idea. But this being a powerful market that can blow your account clean off if you're wrong, you've gotta ask yourself: “Do I feel

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Dark Pools Fragment the Stock Market into 50 Private Stock Markets – Forbes


Dark Pools Fragment the Stock Market into 50 Private Stock Markets
The stock market is fragmented into over 50 individual marketplaces owned and operated by the giants of finance, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, Barclays Barclays, Morgan Stanley Morgan Stanley and other large securities firms who do not allow customers …
Warning: Stay Out Of The Dark PoolsInvesting.com
Market Structure Nightmare Comes True in Barclays Dark Pools ActionMSN Money

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Many still on sidelines amid stock market gains
Dothan Eagle
As a financial advisor, Les Pinckard is amazed to see how much cash is still on the sidelines after the stock market has more than doubled in value since the March 2009 low. “I've never seen this much liquidity in my career, and I believe that's

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Serious Fraud Office looking into currency market manipulation claims – The Guardian

House on Screws
currency market

Image by Images_of_Money
A house resting on some screws.

Like much of our work, we have put all these images in the public domain. Feel free to use them but please credit out site as the source if you do: TaxRebate.org.uk

The Guardian

Serious Fraud Office looking into currency market manipulation claims
The Guardian
Globally, about 35 people in the currency markets have been suspended, placed on leave or fired by financial institutions, which are also investigating allegations of wrongdoing internally. None have yet been charged with any wrongdoing. The
FX Fixing Scandal: David Green Reveals SFO Examining Complex Data for FraudInternational Business Times UK
UK anti-fraud agency 'examining data' in currency fixing probeDaily Times

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Burning Money is Financial Crime and Waste in China
currency market

Image by epSos.de
Free picture of the burning money that is red and burned. This financial photo was created for you by the best monetary friend epSos.de and it can be used for free, if you link epSos.de as the original author of the image.

In the Chinese culture , burning money is considered a crime and waste as long as it is not a sacrifice.

The rich Asian people who waste money in China are considered to be making a crime against the society . This burned paper bill is a very common site in Asia, because there is a religion that considers that fire and the smoke from the burned bills can be a good sacrifice to the gods of prosperity. Many religious and superficial people burn those paper bills in the little corners that are decorated with statues of their gods.

The main topic of this picture is the business of finance and insurance, but you can also use it for all topics that are related to financial and criminal activities like corruption and waste of money. All of the dirty and illegal activities that are being committed in politics, or organised mafia.

The damage to this paper bill is not an accident. It was burned on purpose of the creative art in the financial market of failed investments where cash and currency is burned during the daily business of wasting investments and income savings of the people who bought loans for earning more money with foreign investments. The gradual loss of money is incorporated into the financial scam plans of shady finances with those red bills that are often used to sell beautiful dreams to old people who never learn from history.

Wasting money and life from insecure people is not nice. The lost savings are often a wrong bet for the people who make investments like gambling on dark insurances or bank businesses that they never can understand. The loss of money is often a personal crisis above the economic crisis that is wasting capital Across Asia. Mafia that is trying to make money fast by laundering bribes from the government or shady commercial activities is creating a debt in the pockets of the merchants who trade with real quality products that are loosing value due to inflation and unregulated capitalism of greed.

Money is a study property of the economic sciences. Money can exist in material or immaterial form. This form of the money was earlier widespread and to find in all cultures and epochs.

The bad money edges out the good one. Under free competition, however, "good money“ can put through angesich towards „to bad money“.

Paper money originated in the 11th century in China as a deputy for coin money. In Europe paper money was introduced only much later; thus the first expenditure of paper money took place in 1483 in Spain. The trust in paper money was based originally on the fact that it could be exchanged by each any time in Kurantmünzen. The expenditure of the today’s eurosystem is bound by contrast to no cover regulations.

Electronic money is a relatively new manifestation of the book money. The expenditure of money to the population of a currency space is called monetary creation. The once deposited cash is never again pulled back by the bank customers practically to the full extent because cashless figures are more advantageous.

Because the recreated money can serve the credit institutes again as a basis for other monetary creation, there is theoretically no upper border for the amount of the money created by the credit institutes.

The central bank has influence on the money market, while it either influences actively the monetary offer within the scope of a so-called open market politics or has an effect about the interest rate for central bank money indirectly on offer and demand.

Central banks pursue generally a concrete and firm aim with the money supply price increase. This aim is often the price stability. If the money supply grows excessively or increases with steady money supply the orbiting speed of the money, it comes to an imbalance between the available money and the goods which could be paid with the money.

In myths and fairy tales the money also plays a role. The antique legend that the Small-Asian king Midas has wished from the gods, everything what he touches should become gold, and, therefore, he threatened to starve and to died of thirst, is probably an echo of the fact that coin money has been stamped historically first in Lyda.

Thank you for sharing this picture with your friends !

Volatility in the currency market is at an all-time low: Nomura
MarketWatch (blog)
This chart from Nomura shows why the currency market has been such a snooze of late — volatility among G10 currencies is at an all-time low. The current implied one-month volatility is denoted by the red triangle in the chart. “Implied volatility is

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These stock market ‘records’ aren’t that great – CNNMoney

NYTimes: Bailout Fails, Stocks Plunge…
stock market

Image by MyEyeSees
Subhead has the exact number, writ large. This is at 5:00 pm mst.

These stock market 'records' aren't that great
Consider that $ 1 doesn't buy as much as it used to — in the stock market or even at a fast food restaurant. Thanks to inflation, you have to make more money today to be able to buy as much as you did a few years ago. Will Hausman, an economics

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The Gold Fever
stock market

Image by kugel

Washington Post

Egypt Stock Market Plunges on Reports of New Taxes
Egypt Stock Market Plunges on Reports of New Taxes. 8:51 AM ET. SHARE. CAIRO (AP) — Egypt's stock market has seen a sharp plunge that forced a temporary suspension of trading after reports of a newly proposed government tax on capital gains.
Egypt stock market plunges after electionLos Angeles Times

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India’s Stock Market Rises in Volatile Election-Day Trade – Bloomberg

Market Center Logo
stock market

Image by Dvolatility
I designed this logo for the blog’s market center www.distressedvolatility.com/p/real-time-market-watch-tv

New York Times (blog)

India's Stock Market Rises in Volatile Election-Day Trade
The India VIX sank 34 percent as the stock market moved in a narrower trading range than the last election in 2009, when the Sensex surged 17 percent. The Bank of New York Mellon India ADR Index gained 3.4 percent after the close of trading in Mumbai.
India elections could shock record-high stock marketMarketWatch
Indian Stock Market Breaks Record As Massive Election Winds DownForbes
India Ink | Exit Polls Favoring Opposition Add to Indian Stock Market RallyNew York Times (blog)
CNNMoney (press release) -The Epoch Times -Wall Street Journal (blog)
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I can always use some more money – this guy seems to have some to spare
stock market

Image by Gamma Man

Dow industrials slide 167 points: Stock market live blog recap
MarketWatch (blog)
We live blogged the U.S. stock market's action on Thursday. You can read a wrap of pre-market actions here and after the open, a compact rundown of the stock market in Market Snapshot. Sort by: Oldest; Newest. 9:46 am; In the red; by Laura Mandaro

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Azerbaijan’s currency market fell by 10.1% year-on-year to 26.9% of GDP – Azerbaijan Business Center

Department of Treasury Seal
currency market

Image by woodleywonderworks
The United States Treasury Seal is the official symbol of the United States Department of the Treasury. It actually predates the department, having originated with the Board of Treasury during the period of the Articles of Confederation. It is used on all U.S. paper currency, and (like other departmental seals) on official Treasury documents. The seal includes a chevron with thirteen stars, representing the original thirteen states. Above the chevron is a balance, representing justice. The key below the chevron represents authority and trust.

The phrase THE DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY is around the rim, and 1789 (the year the department was established) is at the bottom. This inscription is in a Cheltanham Bold font. In 1778, the Second Continental Congress named John Witherspoon, Gouverneur Morris and Richard Henry Lee to design seals for the Treasury and the Navy. The committee reported on a design for the Navy the following year, but there is no record of a report about a seal for the Treasury.

The actual creator of the seal was probably Francis Hopkinson, who was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and also contributed to the design of the Great Seal of the United States. He is known to have later submitted bills to the Congress in 1780 seeking payment for his design of flags, currency, and several seals, including one for the Board of Treasury. Although it is not certain that Hopkinson was the designer, the Seal is similar to others he designed. The earliest known usage of the seal was in 1782. When the United States Government was established in 1789, the new Department of the Treasury continued to use the existing seal.

In addition to the elements still found on the current seal, the original featured more ornamentation and the Latin inscription THESAUR. AMER. SEPTENT. SIGIL. around the rim. The inscription is an abbreviation for the phrase Thesauri Americae Septentrionalis Sigillum, which translates to "The Seal of the Treasury of North America".[5] The reason for the original wording that embraced all of North America is unknown, although interestingly the first national bank—chartered in 1781 to help solidify the nation’s finances—was named the Bank of North America. After nearly 200 years, Treasury Secretary Henry H. Fowler approved a new, simplified version of the seal on January 29, 1968. The Latin inscription was replaced by the English THE DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY, and 1789 was added at the bottom.

Azerbaijan's currency market fell by 10.1% year-on-year to 26.9% of GDP
Azerbaijan Business Center
The Central Bank of Azerbaijan informs that over Jan-Mar the turnover of cash foreign currency (exchange transactions of banks) amounted to AZN 3.533 bn versus AZN 3.928 bn a year earlier that provided fall-off of the cash currency market by 10.1%. At

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Fresh tomatoes in Paris, 1976
currency market

Image by Ed Yourdon
Paris produce market, Aug 1976 – 18

Note: this photograph was published in an Oct 7, 2008 blog posting entitled " The 2008 economic crisis explained." It was also published in an undated blog called Fruitsticker , which I found on Aug 14, 2009. And it was published in a Jul 16, 2010 Financial News blog titled " Indian Currency Exchange Market – Dollar and Yen Rising Up As Indian Rupee and Euro Fall Flat." And it was published in an Oct 28, 2010 blog titled "Making your number."

Moving into 2011, the photo was published as an illustration in an undated (late Apr 2011) "Fruitsticker #6969" blog titled "#3016: Pears, Concorde." I know, these are tomatoes, not pears — but I’m just reporting what got published.

The photo was also published in an Aug 19, 2011 blog titled "Cool Article Marketing Images."

Moving into 2012, the photo was published in a Jan 30, 2012 blog titled "Indian CCTV Market Analysis."


In August 1976, Toni and I took a fantastic vacation trip to Europe — starting with a flight on the Concorde to Paris (which was then very new, and now no longer operates at all!), then on to Venice, and then a drive through Florence, across the Mediterranean coastline of Monaco, and then up through France to Paris. When we reached Paris, we stayed at the obscenely expensive Ritz Hotel for a couple days before flying home …

I remembered having seen the French fresh produce market on an earlier (1971) trip to France, and decided that I would go take some pictures early in the morning … of which this is roughly one of a dozen. Tomatoes, oranges, potatoes, mushrooms, eggs, milk, sardines, grapes, carrots, cantaloupes, apples, pears, shrimp, clams, peaches, beans, radishes, scallons and lettuce were all on display — piled high, in their own separate bins.

No one picture really captures the overall impact of this cornucopia of colors, smells, and sounds; it’s only when you put a dozen of the pictures side by side that you begin to get a sense of it all. But each bin was artfully arranged; the bunch of dill (or whatever it is) carefully laid at a diagonal angle on the tomatoes in this picture is a good example of the French touch.

By the way, the sign appears to say that a kilo (2.2 lbs) of these tomatoes could be purchased for 2.90 francs. Since all of Europe has now switched to the Euro, I don’t know what this would be in today’s currency. But at the time, I recall that the exchange rate was about 6 francs to the dollar; so this sign would basically indicate that tomatoes were selling for about .25 per pound…

Global Virtual Currency Market 2014-2018: Key vendors Dominating This Space
PR Newswire UK (press release)
The analysts forecast the Global Virtual Currency market to grow at a CAGR of 8.52 percent over the period 2013-2018. One of the key factors contributing to this market growth is the increasing usage of social media and online games. The global virtual …

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IPO market is casualty of stock market pullback – USA TODAY

Loose Lips Stock Tips
stock market

Image by Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com
Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com

IPO market is casualty of stock market pullback
Weibo, better known as China's answer to Twitter, was the big winner among five initial public offerings that made their debuts Thursday. Yet, it wasn't exactly a high-flying performance to make investors chirp. The IPO market, which is coming off its
Chinese social media company Weibo's shares jump in US stock market debutMinneapolis Star Tribune
Weibo Stock Rises 19% on First Day Despite Investor ConcernsMashable

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Honor-title, or the Curtain before the Theatre of Stock-Tableaus, depicted with the Brokerage of Green and Barren Times, or Mirror of the Paper-World
stock market

Image by blacque_jacques
001 Ere-titel

Eere-Titel, of Gordyn voor het SCHOUBURG der ACTIE-Tafereelen, beschilderd met de ACTIE WlNKEL des Groenen en Dorren TYDS Of SPIEGEL des PAPIEREN WAERELDS.

[Title (page) of Honour, or Curtain before the Theatre of the Action Plays, representing the Action Shop of the Green and Barren Times; or Mirror of the Paper World.]

"Gryn Chagrin", or Grizzled Regret, holds a mirror before the face of a youth, the "Young Coward" or speculator, who doesn’t want to look. Before the youth is a great globe, the"Geactioneerde Waereld" (World of Shares, or Stock); he points to a place on which is "ik zie alles verkeerd" (I see everything wrong); faces of men in distress are engraved on the globe, which is encircled by a serpent with its tail in its mouth, to which the inscription refers:

"De Windverkooper imiteerd / Dit dier het geen zig zelf verteerd".

[The Wind-seller (Share-dealer) imitates this animal, which itself consumes.]

On the globe is engraved, near the sun’s place:

"De Zon ging vrolyk op / Maar drukt in’t Westen menigs hop".

[The sun rose with much zest / but crushed the hopes of many in the West.]

The background is an Actie-winkel (a shares-shop) displaying "Actien in Blanco" (Shares not yet in stock); a poster announces "Dese Winkel word uit verkost / ‘t Huis te huur terstond in te vaaren." (This Shop is selling out. This House for rent, ready to move in anytime.)

Below this group is a tomb, inscribed CRYPT OF THE UNFORTUNATE STOCK-JOBBER; likewise with the legend "MORS ACTIONVM ULTRIX” (Death revenges Stock)

A “Wreath of Honor” surrounds the picture. It is decorated with objects, some representing either the coats of arms or the principal industries of the cities associated with stock-jobbery or companies set up during the bubble. Thus the title:

"Een schoone Lofkrans deese onse Actie Winkel cierd
Met planten, meubilen en veelerly gediert"

[A lovely Laurel our Stock Shop features, adorned with Plants, Furniture, and diverse Creatures.]

Details are below, followed by a description in verse, and finally list of shares in fictitious commodities, many being puns (again) of "notorious" cities.

At the top of the "wreath", or frame, is a young bull’s head, thus referred to:

"Ik ben de Hopman van de dommen
Doch won daar door van Vossen groote sommen".
[Edam] [I am the Captain of the Dummies,
but from the Foxes I won loadsa Money]

Next, on our left, is the head of a crane devouring a frog, with:

"Ik gryp vast aas, dock ik voorspel / Een onbeHaagelyk gequel
[The Hague][I seize my prey, but I’ve an intimation,
of a disagreeable sensation.]

On our right of the bull’s head is a crane’s head devouring a snake, with:

"De adder die me is aanbevoolen
Maakt nog zo wat caprioolen" .
[The Hague again] [The snake comes with recommendations
yet continues to make gyrations.]

In the upper corner, on our left, three swallows are flying away, with the following remark,

"Met ‘t Lot te vreen zyn we in de vrye lucht."
[We are contented with our fate in the open air.]

On our right, in the upper corner, are three more swallows, with:

"Lichte voglen schraal van veeren
Konden ‘t lichtst actioneeren"

[Light birds, with few feathers, could most easily trade in Shares.]

Below the bull’s head is the head of a monk blowing vigorously, with:

"Al blaas ik nog zo sterk
Ik doe maar munniks werk"

[Monnickendam] [However strongly I blow, I only do monks' work (pointless work)]

On our left of the frame, at the side, hangs a bird in a cage, with:

"Bedrieglyk lok-aas brengt me in de ysre vlucht"
(A deceitful bait brought me to the iron cage.]

Below the bird a pair of spectacles hang, with:

"De Actien der Brillen
Zyn voor al de oude lien te nut om te bedillen".

[The spectacles' Actions (Shares) to elders are too useful to belittle.]

Below the spectacles is a cheese, with a knife stuck in it; to this refers:

"Men snyd de kaas te dik / Elk keeft er voor een schrik"

[Alkmaar][They cut the cheese too thick. Every one was afraid of it.]

Several herrings hang next below the cheese, with:

"Pan haring om een stuiver"
[Enkhuizen] Pan-herrings, fifty for a penny.]

Below the herrings is a drum, with:

"’t Kalfsvel van de Actie trom / Maakte meer als kaar burgers dom",

[The calf's-skin of the Actions-drum made more than all the burghers dumb.]

A fisherman stands below the drum, holding a net, saying:

"Het zy ik vis of niet / ‘t Blyft alles int verdriet ".
[Whether I fish or not, everything is full of grief.]

The fisherman is sweeping his net along the bottom of the sea and missing several coins:

"’t Geld van de grond weer op te vissen
‘t Zonk te diep, het zal my missen".

[The Money on the bottom I try to fish, but it’s sunk too deep, and so I miss.]

Below the fisherman, three pigs’ tails and a pack of cards are referred to thus:

"Henne kaart, en zwyne staart, zyn eve vermaart".
[Hens' cards, and pigs’ tails are equally famous.]

By the fisherman’s feet are insects like gnats buzzing among a group of rushes labelled "Barre-biesjes" [Barren Rushes.]

In the middle, at the bottom of the frame, is a tub full of crayfish, "Bubbel Kreeften" [Bubble Crayfish – Louisiana crawdads?] whose motto is "De Kreefte gang is al ‘t belang" [The crayfish’s gait is its only interest.] One is worked into the design "LL" : "Cyfer van Law" [[John] Law of Lauriston]

Below Law’s cypher and at the foot of the whole design are three eggs styled " Engelse Kaekjes met Cassia (English Eggs, with Cassia, i. e. English chickens, or foul eggs, cooked with cassia, which is very bitter (?). Or “English biscuits with cinnamon.” No idea what that means, though.

A nearby rat runs towards a piece of paper (a stock share?) marked "Rotte kost" (Rotten fare) [could also refer to Rotterdam]

Near this, on the frame, is a piece of foliage, with "Dorre Lof werk" (Dry branch work.) [Dordrecht?]

At the top of the side of the frame, on our right, hangs an empty bird-cage, entwined with fir-branches, or rue (?), at the top, and, at the bottom, with "Lauwrier" (Laurel, a pun on the name of John Law); on a label near the cage is

"Week is de vogel en maakt goede cier met zyn Laurier"
[Gone is the bird, and makes a nice ornament with his Law-rel; another pun on the name of Law, who had fled from Paris to avoid jail.]

Below this hangs a horn[Hoorn], with "Je zelt’ er van" [you get it—wind—from this].

Next to the horn is a roll of tobacco, described as "Oprecht Amisfoorts" [Upright Amisfoorts, a type of tobacco and obviously a sarcastic reference to Amersfoort]

Three tobacco-pipes hang next below the tobacco, with "onse winst is Rook" [Our profit is smoke]

Next to these is a bunch of withered carrots (symbolizing Hoorn’s major industry), with a label, inscribed:

"Het moet de wortel van ‘t quaad uitroejen
Of men zou de heele kraam verknoejen".

[Evil must at the root be gotten, lest the whole stall end up rotten.]

At the foot of the design on this side stands a man with a shovel, saying
"Kabouter mannen moeten ‘t maaken
Of men zal nooit ten einde raaken".

[Garden gnomes must do it; otherwise there’s no end to it i.e. the Bubble troubles.]

Near the spade is:

"Ik schey uit graven / Aan vaart en haven".

[I stop my digging in canals and harbours.] (public works abandoned for bubble-fever)

Below this figure hangs a bunch of grapes, with the inscription:

"De druiven zyn zuur / By Fransje buur".

[The grapes of our French neighbours are sour.]

The verses below the engraving explain it pretty much as I described at the top: the "Young Coward" will not look in the mirror, for it shows how the end rewards both good and evil actions. The old man’s name is "Gryn Chagrin (Greybeard of Regret)." Entombed are the remains of those who committed suicide with ropes, swords or pistols and others who died their souls unshriven. The "Blancos" hanging on the wall are nothing but blanks in a lottery, but that also set one free (from delusions ?) [Blanco meant shares traded but not owned by the seller]. There is likewise "A List of the names of shares to be had at the Shop," including

"Goude Mislyke" (False Gold),
"—– Ofirse" (Gold of Ophir, like King Solomon’s Mines)
"Bladzilvere" (Leaf Silver),
"Koper." (Copper) (also purchaser?),
"Staale." (Steel),
"Quikzilvere." (Mercury – god of commerce and thievery),
"Klad-papier." (Blotting-paper; i.e., worthless paper),
"Windse poortlosse." (Windy door-less?)
"Waterzuchtige." (Dropsy),
"Graaflyk aardige." (Nobly nice),
"Vierige." (Fiery),
"VerRotte." (Rotten / and pun on Rotterdam; more puns to come),
"Gaapende." (Yawning),
"Rookerige." (Smoky),
"OnbeHaaglyke, (Unpleasant / Den Haag / The Hague)
"Kikker-koninglyke." (like a frog king)
"Kalvarise" (??? – or Kalverstraat, in Amsterdam; shares traded in coffeehouses)
"Aarde Porcelyne " (Earthenware porcelain (?) / Delft!)
"Uitgerekte" (Extended / Uitgeest?)
"Mopoige" (or Moppige – Miserable)
"VerDorde" (Withered / Dordrecht)
"Schielyke stroppige," (Hastily slowly / Schiedam)
"Naare" (Foolish / Naarden)
"Kortjakkise" (?)
"Geërf van ouwe Muyen (Inherited from old Aunts / Muiden)
"Drabbige." (Drab)
"Koolige." (Cabbagey)
Van ‘t Hoofd van 7 onder Malkaar." (From the head of 7 among them? / Alkmaar)
"4123567." (??? A cipher? 18th-c 733t-speak? Related to above?)
"Gehorende." (Within earshot / Hoorn)
"Met-blik betaalbare." (Payable with Pewter / Medemblik)
"Pure Meereminse." (Purely Mermanlike? / Purmerend)
"VerBuysde" (Surprised / Bussum?)
"Eet hamse." (Eat hamlike? / Edam)
"Munnike Werklyke" (Monk’s worklike / Monnickendam)
"Schoon Hoofse. (Well courtly / Schoonhoven)"
"Van die met de Vles singen." (From those singing with the bottle / Vlissingen)
"Tot middle om geburgen te worden." (Middelburg? Woerden?)
"Lichte als Veere." (Light as a feather / Veere)
"geSwolle." (Swollen / Zwolle)
"Kampioense." (Champions – Kampen)
"Hassebassige." (Helter-skelter, chaotic / Hasselt)
"Vervloge Geldeloose." (Fled moneyless / Gelderland)
"Harige Linkse." (Hairy leftish / Harlingen)
"A. in ‘t hEmd." (A. in the shirt / Emden)
"Van Paris op Venus." (Judgment of Paris, fuelled by lust?)
"Staartmanse" (English – insult from Anglo-Dutch wars; Englishmen were “men with tails,”; i.e., half-devil))

"En meer andere welke zyn verschimmeld,
en zoo overvloedig dat het grimmeld,
die voet-stoots by heele lasten in ‘t Pakhuis
en in de Hel zullen gevuld worden."

(From Paris to Venus, &c., and "heaps more moldy junk, creeping in a mighty swell, by kicks fill up the warehouse and then all of Hell.)


De jeugd juichte om de Blyde Tyd,
Geknoltuind in haar Actie-winkel,
Met uitgelaaten vreugd-gerinkel:
De bladgoude eeuw gaf wis profyt;
Doch is hervormd in zilver, koper,
Ja yzer en onvatbaar quik,
Dat in de lucht, tot veeler schrik,
Vervloog, dies menig kakhiel-looper
Noch voor de Winter schroomd den dag,
En schuild, men weet niet in wat holen,
Tot dat, na Noorder kaprioolen,
Hy weer in ‘t Zuid praald als hy plag,
Nu spiegeld zig de jong lafaard,
Ziet alles hier geheel verkeerd,
Wie zyn papier waereld leerd.
Hoe dolle windschat is zyn straf waard,
Van de oude Gryn chagryn verzeld,
Die met hem pruild; met Fenixvleugelen
Ontkomen willende en beteugelen,
Die hem ten val te veel bekneld.
Hy schrickt den spiegel zelfs te aanschouwen,
Waar in hy actieus ons toond,
Hoe ‘t end zo ‘t quaad, als ‘t goed werk loond.
Zie voorts het praalschrift uitgehouwen
In ‘t keldergraft steen; daar de dood
In herbergd veele, die door schaade,
Uit koppigheid, of ook door nood
Verrukt tot de allerdolste daaden,
Haar zelven gaven slechts de rest;

Het zy door strop, pistool of degen,
Niet eens om hunne ziel verleegen,
Ter duistere eeuwigheid geprest.
De tyd zal de uitkomst haast ontdekken,
Die zyn gordyn opschuiven kon;
De prys licht aller Actien won;
Daar nu de wyze en stapel gekken
Beide even mislaan, yders hand
Kan slechts de lyst der spiegels vatten
Als ‘t buyten werk de onzichtb[a]re schatten
Des voorschriks kluisteren lieten
Die Actie-arenden in waan,
Wien ‘t als de Uilen is vergaan.
(Schoon schootvry) deugd schatze als b…-dieten.
Zie eindelyk in dit figuur
Blanke Actien aan de wand gehangen;
Maar zegt gy, wie zou die verlangen?
Ontblood van naam, van tyd en uur.
‘t Zyn Nieten, als Loteryen,
Die meenig springhans noch doen staan,
En Weêr op vrye voeten gaan;
‘t Papier geld meer als sotternyen,
‘t Is beter wit, als vals beklad;
Want zulks Foruin en Faam doet yzen;
Die staag van huis zyn, en bewyzen
Dat geen van beide een vaste stad
Ter woon houd, wyl ze onrustig zweeven.
Zwyg Musa! Wilt dit spel kamp geeven.

71. X 11^ in.

Irish Independent

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